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Innovative Ideas on Signage for Mixed-Use Development Trends

One of the newest trends in Apartment living is Mixed-Use developments. The need to fit a lot in a smaller footprint is especially necessary in urban areas. Instead of the sprawling garden apartments we have in more rural settings, the new construction projects popping up in cities contain grocery stores, restaurants, retail and multi-level parking structures, all in the same building.

Signage is a key component to making these developments an attractive neighborhood success. Below, we've given you some key elements to make your multi-use project appeal to residents, visitors and the businesses that depend on them.

Brand Your Build

The most successful multi-use properties have a cohesive look, no matter which direction you're approaching. Whether you're there for the cafe, for the shopping or coming home after work, you always want people to know exactly where they are, and a branded design throughout the property is the best way to achieve that.

Even though each individual brand needs it's own unique design, the key is to have a unifying thread in the signage design that brings everything together.

Create Connection

The need for multi-use space isn't just to pack as much into a square foot as possible, it's also to create the perfect live/work environments for residents and visitors.

For example, Curv Apartments in Ft. Lauderdale has a Whole Foods within the building that is accessible to residents just down the hallway? How nice would it be to satisfy a late night ice cream craving without even needing to step outside? In the same block are coffee shops, movie theatres, museums, bars, and breweries. It is built to cater to the needs of everyone living there. This type of space is not only beneficial to anyone living there, but it also attracts other residents in the area.

Signage is essential for showcasing a mixed-use development as a connected district. The right signs communicate with both residents and visitors. If non-residents think that the retail space is part of the apartment complex, they will ignore it and those businesses will suffer. With clear signage, people who pass by can notice various retail shops and businesses within the apartment building.

Show Them How to Get Around

It's not uncommon for multi-use spaces to have multiple floors of retail, restaurant and business services that need to be accessible and noticeable to all potential traffic. For instance, a multi-use apartment community might have bars, restaurants and shopping on the ground floor and business services like accounting firms and attorneys on the floors above. Signage is essential to create wayfinding for everyone to find where they need to be in the most efficient way.

With the crowds that you want to attract to your mixed-use property, it will need to accommodate a large group of people. This means needing a large parking garage and a variety of transportation options that are easy to access. Guests and residents will need to find these options quickly and safely, while also showcasing the brand you've built for your property.

The sign packages we design for a mixed-use development need to reflect the many vendors and amenities while still maintaining your unique brand.

If you’re working to build a multi-use space, contact the experts who know how to promote different business types and develop signage for mixed-use developments. Contact Signs USA today to request a consultation on your new multi-use project.

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