Expertly Crafted Sandblasted Signs from Signs USA Offer the Best in Materials and Construction

With a professional staff of designers, fabricators, and carvers, Signs USA can work to bring you the ideal sign package for your business, and that extends to sandblasted signs. Trusted as the most capable signage company in the greater Tampa Bay, Florida area for over 15 years, Signs USA has the experience and the expertise to provide you with signs that are high quality, value-driven, and results-oriented.

Once you have approved the design layout, we will begin the fabrication of your sandblasted signs. We create the sign’s basic shape in whatever material you choose, whether it is wooden, foam, or anything else. With the aid of a rubber mask, which is cut directly from a digital design so that all measurements, angles, and dimensions are accurate, we then sandblast the sign. High-pressure air and sand are forced against the sign, blasting away the targeted areas so that the beautiful pattern of your sign emerges.

The finishing tools are then applied to bring out the natural beauty of your sandblasted signs with meticulous cleaning, priming, and sanding. Depending on the materials used, the cleaning and finishing process will vary. It will offer ultimate protection against the onslaught of weather, aging, vandalism, and any general damage.

Whether you’re in Tampa Bay, Sarasota, or Clearwater, Florida, or across the country in Chicago or Austin, trust Signs USA to craft strong, protected sandblasted signs for you. Contact us today.