Exterior Monument Signs, Architectural Signs, and Sandblasted Signs Offer Strength & Durability

Signs USA of Tampa, Florida has been in business for over 17 years, and our wide, varied experience has made us experts in customer service. Over the years, we have answered numerous questions about our products and the process of signage design and construction, and we have discovered that many customers are confused over the distinction between exterior monument signs, architectural signage, and sandblasted signs. The confusion over this issue is understandable, since all three tend to be oversized and are often found outdoors. While exterior monument signs and architectural signage are different terms for the same signage product, sandblasted signs have key differences:

  • The text and design of sandblasted signs are created through sandblasting the structure’s material, permanently changing the layout of the sign by blasting away material.
  • Architectural signs and monument signs often include various architectural elements and additions. Rather than cutting or blasting away material to conform to a specific design, elements will be added to create the design.
  • Sandblasted signs are always created with the aid of digital renderings. By creating the desired design digitally, accuracy and precision are guaranteed.

Whether your company decides to incorporate sandblasted signs or exterior monument signs into your current marketing techniques, you can be assured that they will be strong, durable, and reliable through inclement weather and the normal aging process. The materials we use are strong and often weather-proof, and include brass, bronze, acrylic, stainless steel, aluminum, stone, or any material you prefer.

If you want a dependable and cost-effective method to advertise your company and win customers, contact Signs USA and ask us about our various signage options, including exterior monument signs, architectural signage, and sandblasted signs. Contact us today.