Architectural Signs: Choosing the Right Company for Your Signage Needs

Making the decision to invest in architectural signs for your business is an important one that will take your business to the next level of performance and keep your premises up to date with building codes and governmental regulations. Such an important move should not be taken lightly, since architectural signs will act as a beacon for your business. Before choosing a signage company, take a few moments to consider what marks an excellent provider of architectural signs.

Experience should be a key factor in choosing the company that will be providing you with your architectural signs, whether you are purchasing one sign or an entire package of interior and exterior architectural signs. The more experience a signage company has, the better-equipped they are to juggle the many aspects of creating strong architectural signs. Varied experience also signals an ability to understand your industry and its signage needs, and then translate that understanding into relevant, beautiful architectural signs.

Another important consideration in choosing a company to handle your architectural signs is their manufacturing process. Are you looking at a company that designs your architectural signs but then ships them to a manufacturing company for construction? If so, you should consider a signage company that both designs and manufactures their architectural signs in-house. Using a secondary company leads to higher costs, longer waiting periods, and more confusion. Furthermore, a signage company with a complete working knowledge of the design and construction of architectural signs will provide a smoother process from beginning to end.

A final important consideration in choosing an architectural signs company is closely linked to both of the above factors. Anodized products should always be used for exterior signage and monuments, which will protect them from water damage due to weather and sprinkler systems. The consistent use of anodized products is a good indication that you’re dealing with a knowledgeable and professional company. It’s also very important for architectural signage to make use of materials and products that have been approved by Underwriters Laboratories; they are not only safer, but they will also protect your financial future. Many insurance companies will not cover buildings that use products unapproved by UL. Having the experience and the full range of knowledge related to architectural signs will always lead to the use of anodized and UL-approved products.

Signs USA fulfills all of these basic requirements and more. With 15 years of experience, we have a workforce with extensive architectural signs knowledge. Our salespeople, design team, and production team can all count themselves signage experts. We ensure a smooth, cost-efficient process from beginning to end, since we will involve ourselves in the creation of your architectural signs, from conception to completion. We cut costs and time for you and always adhere to safety standards, using anodized and UL-approved products for your architectural signs.